Keep Human Life Beyond Everything!

Life Medikal was established in 2007 in Ankara. Today, Life Medikal’s business activities are mainly focused in interventional neuroradiology field. Life Medikal started its first business activities in the radiology field but with the development of the company, interventional procedures have also become important part of its business.
LifeMed actively works with reference hospitals, and has been maintaining its customer relations in a respectable manner of years.

An understanding of '' keep human health beyond everything''


An understanding of “keep human health beyond everything” since the day it was established has been the core reason for the existence for our firm. Our firm has adopted a mission; quality in product, trust and speed in service and as a vision; spreading technology to every field of the service we offer and becoming the first enterprise to come into the mind in demand.


The common objective of our company employees, consisting of Domestic Sales and Marketing and Accounting units is; unconditional customer satisfaction.


LifeMed is dedicated to increase product variety depending on customer needs so as to develop current product portfolio by observing technological developments worldwide